THE WORLD IS FLAT exhibition artist | Louisa Potapchik

LONG-TERM MEMORY is a visual-acoustic experience depicting a process that we are often unable to perceive — our memory. The installation transports viewers into a micro-scale view of natural processes that form information storage within us.

I am a London based video artist and I want to take the audience on a graceful journey through inner connections between mind and nature. I believe that the boundary between art, nature, and spirituality is very subtle. In my work, I evoque the timeless natural phenomena, and the feelings and questions that one goes through during those impalpable moments when we feel a part of the natural wisdom and balance. I am future-oriented, so is my art and philosophy.

I admire new technology for spreading our creative messages in futuristic ways, yet my capacity to question nature doesn’t have boundaries: what is silence? where is my memory stored? why our words influence water? Welcome to the timeless and impalpable.

Louisa Potapchik is a creative video professional and the Founder at She uses a variety of media to express abstract ideas. She is both technically and creatively skilled, and constantly looking to collaborate in video and installation art industry.

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