REWRITE REALITY exhibition artist | Kate Brogdon

Kids on candy-colored beaches, digital collage, 51x76cm, 2021
All the possibilities in the red tent world, digital collage, 51x76cm, 2021

I am interested in people’s points of view: mine and others, especially children. Why do people think the way they do? How are we shaped by and also alter our world? I explore found items and multiple images to capture my memory of the environment of interactions and actions in various media.
Making is a form of thinking and I tend to work intuitively, finding juxtapositions and unplanned mixtures without quite knowing where I am headed. Still-visible changes along the way and sometimes accidental bits left over are products of the process and show my changes of thought in the passage of time.
The way we think is influenced by many things, and this affects how we see something. There is not just one way people see the same thing. This not just variation from person to person, but even the same person at different times. In layering images in different ways, I approach this way of multiple seeing, at least in the idea of capturing fragments in perception.

Baseball in Lamar Valley, digital collage, 51x76cm, 2021
Rainbow aquarium, digital collage, 51x76cm, 2021

Particularly children’s point of view is interesting. Starting from a bright and cartoon-like “candy world,” but with corners of darkness, they see things very differently than adults in sometimes unexpected ways. They know they will inherit our effects on the world and as effects multiply, it is shaping their worldview in different ways than previous generations.
To rewrite reality after the events of the last year is a fond wish in the light of what it’s done to the world’s children. My series is about finding an alternate reality for them without the effects of the last year. While this is as futile as wrapping them in protective bubble packaging, creating a vision of something different may be the start of seeing there are still possibilities, perhaps much different than we would have thought but maybe even improved. Creating a new world for them is perhaps the protective wrapping.

Swinging higher, digital collage, 51x76cm, 2018
Kids and a candy sunrise at Mataguay, digital collage, 51x76cm, 2021

Kate Brogdon was born in Vienna, Austria and grew up across the United States, mainly in Idaho. She has since moved multiple times, drawing images and cultural ideas from each location. This has influenced her interest in how people think and how they develop their unique worldview. This idea is explored by layering photography, paint and found objects to represent ideas of a multifaceted, ultra-colorful world. After completing her degree at the University of Virginia, she has gained a variety of work experiences and continued her own art studies. This led to several awards in shows in Southern California. Currently she works in Kuwait City.

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