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3 min readJan 18, 2021


TOTTO is an engineer who lets go of the logic to create exclusive works of art that brings out the playfulness in him. He focuses on the abstract in art through unique motives that makes him stop and reflect in peace and quiet. His inspiration comes from “the little boy” inside, the one who wants to run freely outside of every frame, the one who is allowed to draw freely with strong confidence in his creativity.

Scream of virus, Digital (iPad/Procreate), Ink on Fine-art paper (Canon®imagePROGRAF-PRO-4000; CANSON®INFINITY BARYTA PRESTIGE 340 G/M²), 60x80cm, One-off-original, 2020

The artwork ‘Scream of virus’ conveys a feeling of deep-seated anxiety. The object cannot see the virus itself but feels strongly of something inside. Just like covid. It’s not possible to see, but affects us all in one way or another beyond-human-power.

process from sketch to final artwork

Independent & Image Art Space: What are the critical milestones in your art career?

TOTTO: I just started out parallel to a corporate career, so a little bit early to tell.

One major critical milestone is definitely that INDEPENDENT&IMAGE took me on to this exhibition.

My first one ever, so I’m very grateful.

Having patience is essential as well. Networking from scratch in early career stages takes it’s time.

As an example it took me several months to find a great photo studio suitable to my art, one that now is on service printing my large abstracts.

Independent & Image Art Space: In front of the current pandemic, how do you think art can do for our world, community or family?
Art can provide inspiration, motivation and a sense of meaningfulness.

Art created under this pandemic is unique in the sense that we have an ongoing world health crisis in the digital age. Online art is thriving, which means that you still can enjoy art. That makes a difference during this period of locked-down museums and gives us hope for the upcoming future.

Independent & Image Art Space: In the new year of 2021, do you have any plan for your art creation?

TOTTO: For me it’s essential to have a gut-feeling about the artwork that evolves in front of me.

I must feel the little boy inside. If I don’t feel him, I discard the artwork and start all over again.

I have my own style that I want to evolve based on my thoughts and perception about the world and what I see.

It’s an exciting process that is very much about listening to one’s inner self and at the same time trying to express it in visual art.

I will stick to it.



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