Artist Interview | Eduard Zentsik

Independent & Image Art Space: Hi Eduard. Could you tell us more about your art career? How did it begin?
Eduard Zentsik: I decided to become an artist at the age of 17. But it all started much earlier. As a small child, I loved drawing for hours. This was my favorite time. And now most of all I like the time spent in creative processes.

Dance, oil on canvas, 150×100cm, 2019

Independent & Image Art Space: Do you think your art in some part is influenced by the Estonian tradition? If yes, how?
Eduard Zentsik: I think there was some kind of influence. I can’t say how strong it is. We have a very strong school of graphics in our country. Therefore, I like not saturated colors, minimalism, symbolism. I love Estonia, I feel good here. And when you feel good, then you want to create new artwork.

Reflection, oil on canvas, 70×100cm, 2019

Independent & Image Art Space: You may expect each viewer to see their meanings to the symbols in your works. To you, what are the meanings of the symbols in your works?
Eduard Zentsik: There are unambiguous symbols. But closer to me is free symbolism. Therefore, any readings are permissible. When the artwork is completed, the artist also becomes a spectator. Everyone has the right to their own interpretation and they are not required to match. This is free symbolism.

She and the hare, oil on canvas, 150×100cm, 2019

Independent & Image Art Space: Do you have any goals that you want to achieve with art? Did you get them?
Eduard Zentsik: Art for me is the goal. It is always changing and transforming. I feel happy because I can do art. Viewers can feel the happiness that the artist shares.

You are always few, oil on canvas, 100×150cm, 2019

Independent & Image Art Space: Are you creating something new lately?
Eduard Zentsik: For several months I moved to a new studio and now I have plans to do something new. I also do digital art. ERROR concept. Art studies have always fascinated me.

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