“Urban Country” is a virtual group exhibition presented by ARTLAND, featuring works by Fu Wenjun, Zhai Liang, Zou Sijin, Lu Xinjian, Gao Yuan, and Liu Di, in collaboration with five leading contemporary art galleries based in China — A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, ART LABOR Gallery, Capsule Shanghai, Independent Image…

Since March 2020 I have been in various stages of lock-down, much like everybody else.
As an artist my daily life wasn’t changed much as I usually spend my days working by myself in the studio.

What is striking now is that humanity is experiencing an event as one organism…

Victor Cuzmenco refers to his art as Ontologic Painting, which comprises the idea of fundamental philosophical questions studied by ontology. Through his art for the last thirty years, he has explored “being” rather than simply existing. …

I’m interested in exploring subcultures, indigenous cultures and countercultures, alongside a personal connection to the landscape, organic matter and entanglements of consciousness amid precarious times.

My work approaches the painting world in a phenomenological way. Shifts of scale, ambiguity, and temporality are central themes of my work. I’m interested in…

My Constructed Voids step into the spaces of my in-between. I gaze upon these photographs and wonder if their metaphor represents spaces inside of me or if the metaphor points to my presence inside of a larger multiverse.

These Voids merge mystery with spectacle in a manner that queries expectations…

All images are parts of the series Tar Trails. They show line-shaped repair work of asphalt cracks, from single motifs composed tar signs on the underground of the asphalt.

Schatzbogen, Photography, Print behind glass, 150x100cm, 2021

I am interested in the idea of transforming institutional spaces of violence through re-imagining them as places of play and possibility. Covid has exposed the factory farm as a place of contamination and has become seen through a global conscience, as a virus-spreading threat to society. By erasing the subjects of violence and adding the idea of possibility, innocence, imagination and play I want to take a global “emperor has no clothes” situation and imagine that humans can find new possibilities and carve out a different outcome.
“Heterotopias are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet upsetting what is outside.” (Wikipedia)

Rebirth, Acrylic, Ink and cutout paper on Digital Print, 38x51cm, 2021


Markus (Warlike) is a Sonic Art Installation that rewrites the expectations and satisfaction within the reality of home. Markus (Warlike) is a 1:10 scale model that represents a Domestic desire presented in a miniature gallery space.
The work encourages viewers to build their own narrative, giving back a portion…

Shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19, I decided to tackle with “The Divine Comedy Volume 1: Inferno” by Dante, which was from my speculation that the current situation in the world would share the view depicted in the novel.

Drawing Counterpoint Vol.1 (Pithecanthropus Erectus), Sumi, acrylic paint, teared paper, stamp (CANTO by Dante), string, and patterned paper on Japanese paper with star-shaped box and Demon’s head made by origami, 60 x 60 cm (approx)

As I started working on this series, I was thinking a lot about what education means and decided to conduct around 30 informal interviews asking people I met on the airplane, in galleries, and friends of friends about their paths and what it means to receive an education. I based…

Independent & Image Art Space

Founded in 2008, we participate in the practices of Chinese contemporary art development, with an open attitude and unique art vision.

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